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Ŀǰʯī̼ ({׹ܡʯīϩʯīÛʯī)}ϲϵOӋϳɡˮоʯīϩ{OӋƂоɇһ(c)Ŀ4 (Nos. U1034003, 20576027, 20676027, 21076066) ʡȻѧcĿ1(No. ZD201002Ոl3_lSCIՓ40ƪ




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1. ȻѧcĿ㶫ϻĿ׼ţU1034003ȼϵش߻ϵĹWʹ߻о2011-201445/190fԪ“֡

2. ʡcĿĿ׼ţNo. ZD201002߾ʯī̼}wĘBcо, 2010-201320fԪ֡

3. ȻѧĿĿ׼ţ21076066ʯī̼-٣}

ϲϵĿɿƂ估2011.01-2011.12, 12,֡



1.ߵѧУƼ¹شĿʽĿĿ׼ţNo. 708029Ҝ͸`̼{׹ĤNOxCO2009-2015, 120, оǎ֡

2.ŶĿת̬ϵĿɿƱܡ2013-2015, 20/300,оǎ֡

3.ܟoCϻWcʵҴĿ,̼댧w}ϲϵOӋо, 2013-2015, 15,֡